Spring cleaning servicesDo you like to do spring cleaning? Most people don’t.

The stress about what to do first and wasting a whole day doing stuff you hate to do. But doesn’t it feel great when you’re done your spring cleaning.

The house smells great, it looks great and you feel proud about your home.

Spring is the time to get your house clean of the winter dust and germs. Let us come in and do a total top to bottom cleaning for you.

We will dust and polish your furniture, clean your bathrooms and kitchen, baseboards, ceiling fans.

We use a reputable linen service to make sure the cloths we use to clean your home are clean, disinfected and sanitised.

Why do we go thru all this trouble for you? We can sum it up in two words “dust mites”. There are millions of them in your home and probably the worst allergen.


Spring Cleaning


Let’s work together to keep your family healthy!

NOW think about how you would feel knowing that you can go out with your family one day, and when you get back your entire spring cleaning is DONE!

We can make it happen for you.

We can even leave behind fresh flowers as a finishing touch.

Carpet steam cleaning, upholstery cleaning and curtains steam cleaning are not included but could be arranged on request.


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